"I am inspired to share the gift of music."

Filana's Music Lessons was founded in 2016, and serves the greater Ubud area in Bali, Indonesia. We offer music lessons to both adults and children of all ages, in a variety of formats. Whether you're looking for private, 1-on-1 music lessons, or would prefer a shared group experience for you or your child, Filana's Music Lessons has an offering to meet your needs. With expertise in a wide variety of musical instruments and specialties, including guitar, base guitar, drums, djembe, keyboard, piano, didgeridoo, voice, music mixing, and more, Filana will find the right musical instrument to inspire you (or your child's) unique musical interests and talents. 


"A growing body of research attests that music education can improve health and quality of life in a variety of ways."

-Beverly Merz, Executive Editor, Harvard Women's Health Watch


Music education supports brain development and encourages both children and adults to be more alert, engaged, and focused.


Engaging in specific music-based activities creates a sense of calm and helps both children and adults relax, release stress, and sleep well.



Through music, students practice and refine physical skills such as fine-motor control, rhythm, hand-eye coordination, and more.